"Supporting customers gives CEOs a reality check"


Founder and CEO, Freshdesk

The Story

When I started my career as a pre-sales engineer 13 years ago, I offered support for sophisticated tech projects everyday. A couple of years down the line, when I became a Product Manager, I began directly overseeing the customer support and pre-sales teams for several years, before deciding to start up on my own.

Today, our support team deals with more than 300 queries across email, phone, chat and social media everyday. But I still try to get on support as much as I can. And it's not very unusual for my team to see me replying to questions from customers. Besides just responding to them via email, I also occasionally get on calls to help them with issues.

As the guy running the show for a customer support company, this shouldn't be surprising to you at all. Our business is in helping brands deliver great experiences, and we try to do a good job at it ourselves. So, while I'm focusing on the big picture day in and day out, getting on support helps me figure out what my customers care about the most, and fix underlying process problems right away.

#CEOonSupport is an opportunity for executives to discover great ways to improve their product or business by talking to their customers. I urge you to login to your help desk and try supporting for a day. When you're done, take some time to blog about your insights, or tweet them with the hashtag #CEOonSupport.


An hour at the helpdesk can help you discover great product ideas, feedback and suggestions - a gold mine when you're chasing product-market fit.

A support rep can only go so far. Support agents often don't have the visibility in an organization to go back and fix bigger process problems. Only you can.

While you're dreaming up an integration with Google Glass, your customers are screaming about other crucial problems. If you aren't listening, you'll end up building the wrong things.

When employees see their CEO on Support, they realize it's absolutely essential for them to go above and beyond call of duty to make sure their customers are more than just satisfied.


Joel Gascoigne

Founder & CEO of Buffer

Zalmi Duchman

Chairman, The Fresh Diet Inc

Elizabeth Yin

CEO of LaunchBit

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